The price of accommodation can break the back of the most carefully prepared travel budget. Hotel rooms seldom have a fixed rate.

It varies by season and even the day of the week. By carefully searching it is possible to find great deals from hotels and resorts at low and affordable prices. Here are a few ways of how to proceed –

Use travel sites

Search on for sites like Expedia to get an understanding of the prevailing rates at the hotels in the area you choose, but do not rely on getting a full picture. Narrow down the search and research these hotels yourself. Look for coupon codes and facilities such as free breakfast and wi-fi. Do not neglect the website of the hotel. Some hotels and resorts promise you the best price when you book through their website.

Call the hotel and ask for a quote

Once you have a good idea about the rates in a particular city and the prices being quoted on travel sites, select some favourites and pick up the phone. Tell the hotel the price you found on other websites and see if they can provide a better deal. According to the consumer survey, direct negotiation with the hotel has resulted in a better room or better rate almost every time.

Bid for a room

If you bid for a room, you can make significant savings, but you must be willing to be surprised. Travel sites such as on allow you to select neighbourhoods and star levels when bidding. However, the name of the hotel will be displayed after accepting the offer. The disadvantage is that your card will be charged as soon as bidding ends and you cannot cancel.

Try homestay or hostel

Hotels are not your only accommodation option. You can rent a room, an apartment or an entire house through sites like Airbnb. Besides hostels are an excellent option for low budget travellers. You do not have to share a bedroom with several college students if you do not want to. Many hostels offer a handful of private rooms with attached baths.

Use card reward points

Many credit cards offer excellent reward points when you register or spend a certain amount over a set period. These points can often be used to buy hotel rooms. Call your bank before your next trip to get the recommended credit cards to get the highest bonus points.

Try out sharing

Sharing economy is kind of self-explanatory – you pay for renting a holiday apartment. It is often much cheaper and sometimes even more convenient than hotels, making it popular around the world. How much does it cost to stay somewhere with this type of exchange? From free to as much as you can afford. House sitting and house exchange are free options. Those who want to pay for can reserve accommodation for rent from the owners at a price well below the price set by the hotels.


From using air miles to credit card reward points to homestay – there are myriad ways to find affordable accommodation if one has a little bit of initiative. There are many options available through various websites. So try a little and save yourself a ton of money the next time you visit a resort.