All you will see on Facebook and Instagram is your friends exploring distant lands. Envy takes over, and you feel the need to plan a long-awaited vacation. But the meager savings in your bank account will prevent you from fulfilling your deeply ingrained travel needs. But come on and do not be desperate since you can always travel on a budget. You have to be a little smarter with the money to manage and see a lot.

1) Staying in a hostel or a homestay

Hostels are one of the best ways to save money while traveling. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a hostel or homestay if you want to save money and especially if you travel alone.

2) Plan early

Spontaneous trips are very satisfying, and they are all great. But when you have little money in your pocket planning is exactly what you need. It is best to schedule before and book travel dates, the destination you are traveling to, the best hotel to fit your budget, transportation options and other factors that may affect your finances.

If you are aware of all these details and the uncertainties are minimal you eliminate the risk of unforeseen expenses. If you have an idea of what’s going to happen, you can save a few dollars.
Reserve air tickets well in advance – Airlines allow reservation approximately one year before the departure date. You have to be vigilant and find the best prices. Check the prices to see when they reach their lowest point and reserve when you know it is the best offer you can find.

Also, plan your travel dates during the week and not weekends as you are likely to get the best prices. A travel tip, do not wait till the end of a trip to book a return flight. If you think you will as soon as you have finished traveling it is a big mistake.

3) Travel in offseason

Wherever you want to go, look for the off-season schedules since it is much cheaper than in high season. Although the weather is not always ideal, your trip costs less, and it is likely that its location is not full of tourists. You save on plane tickets, hotels and even tickets to various attractions because there is no crowd which wants to pay more.

4) Travel light

To save on baggage costs, learn how to become an intelligent packer so you can store everything in a carry-on bag and avoid the cost of checked baggage. At home, it takes a little practice to know exactly what your hand luggage kit must contain. Make a list of needs and pack accordingly. Remember that you can wash your clothes from anywhere without having to cram too many items. Also consider using multi-purpose luggage for your clothes, photographic equipment.


To be a traveler with a low budget, you must be as flexible as possible. When you leave the need for last minute offers, you can see the world and explore a destination you’ve never seen before. Being flexible means not being tied to a project and buying a souvenir every minute, flying on weekdays and using last-minute offers. If you are ready to travel at any time, you will probably find better deals than if you strictly follow your travel plans.