If you want to see the Leaning Tower or the Taj Mahal, there are many well-detailed guides available. If you’re going to be a little more out of the ordinary and get off the beaten track, you’re probably alone. There are however a lot of resources that can help you plan an original and exciting trip to unusual places that do not have a whole lot of information out there.

Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your trip to lesser-known destinations.

In all cases, you want an enjoyable and exciting destination that is accessible to you. Accessibility is a personal choice – some people want a lot of parking space or public transport between the hotel and the place of interest they want to see, while others do not feel bothered if they have to walk for a few hours.

The choice, in the end, depends on you and the type of vacation you want to plan. Be sure to choose the unique places for the right reasons. Do not just visit an unusual site to see the locals and their lifestyle, but to live in a new and changing way.

A relatively unknown location creates a sense of space and intimacy with surroundings. With a minimum of tourists and little pollution, travellers can genuinely feel rejuvenated, away from work and home.

Nothing surpasses the sensation of enjoying a beautiful view along with a cup of coffee or a book in your hand. An objective of this type is better captured by the mind than by the lens of a camera. Hence make sure that the offbeat location has something to offer that recharges your batteries.

Offbeat destinations reflect the preferences of the travellers and are often cheap. Although they generally do not offer services or luxuries that resemble those of a 5-star hotel, the atmosphere and facilities provide a sense of warmth and comfort.

Depending on your preference, you can choose such a location which allows you to save money. Hotel and homestay owners in such places will inform you in time what they can offer or adapt to your needs since they do not receive many visitors.

Research beforehand about the logistics. Some of the most unusual locations are places that are not necessarily easy for tourists to travel to. In general, this is not always true, but you may have to do additional research about the hotel or the city to make sure it meets your standards.

Maybe the only place in the town where you can stay is full or has many negative reviews. Instead, consider booking a little further away from your destination and explore it. Or book a room in a nearby family homestay instead of a hotel.

All travellers should make sure to find a safe place to stay. However, it can be more difficult at offbeat destinations.


The purpose of travel is to find new places and have enlightening experiences. Travelling to unique locations provides an ideal way to help us get in touch with our inner selves far away from the maddening crowd. To get the best out of your trip make sure you are well informed and be ready to face unprepared for situations. Such strange places awaken hope and wonder where our home and work problems do not seem relevant, or our personal conflicts of affection and empathy seem easy to solve.