Travelling in a foreign country can be very unsettling for most people, especially when you are alone.

Not only is it stressful to adapt to new environments, but many people also find it difficult to immerse themselves in local culture and make new friends. This can lead to an immediate desire to return home.

On the positive side, even if you are shy and introverted, it is not difficult to meet people.

While you are open and ready to try new things like most travellers, you will have no problem entering public places and establishing relationships with almost anyone.

The following list offers you a lot of ideas to find the right places and make new friends.

Staying in a hostel

Hostels usually have very open-minded international travellers looking for the best cultural experiences. Some may feel these places are of lower quality than hotels in facilities, but they save money and make it easy to meet other like-minded people.

Be open to new experiences

Learn yoga or local dance and many other types of pursuits provide an easy opportunity to meet like-minded people in a small group. People are less cautious than in a nightclub, which facilitates the opening of a conversation.

Share a meal with the locals

It’s easy to gesture and show that it’s good. Food is a universal language and it helps people connect. We can all enjoy a good meal, and it is a pleasure to enjoy it together. Locals will know when to enjoy a particular dish and lessons in their local language will begin with learning the words “delicious” and the names of each dish.

Learn the local dialect

Learn to pronounce basic sentences in the language of the region. You do not need to panic to speak fluently next week, but it’s always a good idea to use local expressions which mean “hello,” “how are you,” “thank you,” and” goodbye.” it makes you appear less aloof and more willing to participate.

Share pictures of your life

If you do not speak the language, you can communicate through sharing and showing photos. If you are confused with words, remember that a picture is worth a thousand words. So tell your life through photographs and do not be afraid to invite a foreigner friend to your world by showing them the images that are most important to you.

Link through music

Karaoke or dance removes all barriers. In case of doubt, sing and dance with locals. Whether you’re learning local dance or performing your best disco moves, an excellent way to connect with local people is to have fun and enjoy music together. If you have vocal cords you are proud of, try karaoke. This is a fine way to show that you are not the serious and introverted type and that your singing and dancing skills are excellent. This is a great way to entertain your foreign friends.


The real lesson is not to appear superior or bring in a feeling of otherness. Travel is meant to broaden the mind. Keep away from discussions about politics, religion, and ideology. Make simple conversations about food and job and the simple things you do back home, and soon you will have number of friends than you ever dreamed of.