When you find yourself coming home from a trip with a bag full of clean clothes, it’s time to start packing less. Carrying luggage on an aircraft is expensive. It is also difficult to haul it from place to place. Wheels on a suitcase do not make it easier for you to carry your luggage. Instead, it encourages you to bring more than you need. Probably the best advice is to carry suitcases without wheels and this way you will be forced to pack less, no more than 7 kilos.

Complete the following steps to simplify this task –

Use only one bag as much as possible. Make sure it is large enough so you can store almost everything you need. Of course, it would look a little bulky, but try to put things in the right order so that it seems less than usual. Keep things as organized as possible. You may also need to carry a backpack.

Arrange the articles it contains. Toiletries should be in one part of your suitcase, and same for your shoes, clothes, and gadgets. But as far as possible, do not bring many things since you know you really would not need them.

Pack apparel which can be worn mix and match. Choose a dark color scheme and stay with it. Make sure each pair of pants and shoes and each shirt matches other items in your luggage. Landry is quite cheap in most cities around the world.

Not only do you have to think about the fabric of your clothes, but also about their color and characteristics. Dark clothes are more comfortable to match with any pair of shoes or pants you wear. Dark shirts can be worn for a dinner or sports activities and never stain easily.

Do not carry a bulky coat with you. Opt for layers instead. Your luggage becomes lighter, and more layers mean more options. Wear a light windbreaker, a flannel shirt and maybe a wrap instead of a parka. In general, choose clothes made of lighter fabrics.

Organize it carefully. Before you store everything in your carry-on bag, lay everything out on the ground. This is an excellent way to quantify your clothing, and you will probably need to return some items to your wardrobe before you pack. Make sure your toiletries are travel sized.

Do not carry extra sets of dinner clothes and stuff you will never need. These include a sleeping bag, common over the counter medications, a musical instrument. Always carry hand sanitizer.

Never carry more than two pairs of shoes with you. A pair of shoes should be a sports shoe suitable for sports activities and for informal meals. If you need to bring a second pair of shoes, you should make a it pair of shoes for a formal occasion such as a meal at a fancy restaurant. You can only break this rule if you are carrying a pair of lightweight flip-flops on the side of your suitcase.


To make your trip enjoyable carry as few things as possible. Your arms and shoulder will thank you, and you no longer have to worry about excess luggage charges on a flight.