The finest way to enjoy your vacation is to have a clear plan for your vacation. The holidays are a time when you take a break from your busy, monotonous and mundane lifestyle to recover, whether with friends or family. A few days without stress revitalize your body and mind.

How do you start on a hassle-free holiday? Create an excellent plan.

A hassle-free holiday depends on AFT –  accommodation, flights (or rail) timings and tickets.

Plan the dates

When planning a vacation, the main concern is to consider the upcoming holidays. This makes it easier for a family or group of friends to plan the number of days they can miss work, school, college, etc. it saves time and make your holidays perfect. Not only the dates, but you also have to plan in advance where you want to go and where you want to stay to offer a comfortable and quiet retreat.

Book tickets early

Once you know and have decided when and where to go, you must first book the tickets, by bus, train or plane. Booking tickets in advance not only gives you availability and confirmed seats, but it also saves you money. Long-distance trips often have lower prices if booked in advance. It is always good to have pre-confirmed tickets so you do not have to rush at the last minute to see your family or a group of friends can avail of seating arrangements.

Choose your hotel carefully

Take care of you’re the accommodation at the same time that you book the travel tickets. You should do these two important tasks at the same time. If you are planning a vacation abroad, you can contact the travel agents to find the best deals and offers that will save you time and money.

These agencies usually have links to local hotels that are really good, centrally located and have the best service. If the holidays are also in the same country, book the hotels in advance and get the best deals.

You may want to stay at a hotel in the city centre, so you will not have problems getting around and will need transportation. Do not trust the words of someone you know who has been in this place before. Check yourself, each person has different needs.

When planning a trip, you should also consider these tips –

  • Research about where you are visiting and the weather.
  • Decide how long the trip should last.
  • Decide if it is a spontaneous thing or a planned vacation. In case of the latter make reservations.
  • Prepare a detailed travel itinerary so that you do not waste time and get confused.
  • Pack important and necessary items. No need for things you will never need except to inflate your luggage cost.
  • Carry along first aid and medication.
  • Prepare for a few surprises and make it a point to relax every day. Do not stick to a tight schedule.
  • Plan out all the activities you want to do beforehand.


As the proverb says – well begun is half done. The trick to having a hassle-free holiday lies in careful and meticulous planning. Plan for all possible eventualities, and you can have a perfect break and come back with a fresh mind.